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Aircraft Information

New/Used: N

Price: $1095000.00

Year: 2015 S O L D

Make: Piper

Model: M-350

Serial: 46-36673


630.0 TTAE, ‘111.8’ since Top & Case split, ‘111.8’ since new prop, February ’22 Annual, February ’21 IFR certification. Date of Manufacture 8-13-15, Useful load 1,200.7

Avionics Equipment:

G-1000 Package with Synthetic Vision, Dual 10” PFD’s, 12.4” MFD, Dual GIA-63W Nav-Com/GPS, GWX-68 Weather Radar, GDL-69A Satellite Radio & Weather with GRC-10 remote, GRS-56 Iridium Phone, TAWS B, GFC-700 Autopilot with Enhanced AFCS enablement featuring Level mode, Overspeed recovery mode, Takeoff mode, Go Around Mode, Underspeed protection, electronic stability mode, expanded engagement mode, Hypoxia recognition & emergency descent mode, GCU-476 Controller, Flite Charts & Safe Taxi, GMA-350 Audio Panel, GTX-33ES Transponder, GTS-825 Active Traffic, Aspen EFD-1000 Standby Flight Instruments, L3 WX-500 Stormscope, Artex 406 ELT, Hardwired for Bose A-20 headsets.

Aircraft Weights:

Gross weight 4,358. Useful load 1,200.7

Optional Equipment:

Flight into Known Icing, Speedbrakes, Yaw Damp, 120 gal fuel capacity, Service Center Maintained, Passenger USB charging ports, LED Lighting

Maintenance Summary & History

1. Annuals:

February '21 IFR Cert February '21

2. Last Compression:

3. Component Overhaul / Replacement:

4. Scheduled Maintenance:

5. Engine Service Bulletins Complied With:

6. Airframe Service Bulletins Complied With:

7. Service Letters Complied With:

8. AD Compliance Summary:

9. Repair History

The former pilot made a precautionary landing on a highway on January 11, 2020 after he observed smoke coming from behind the panel. (The cause of the smoke was the failure of a small avionics cooling fan.) After the plane touched down the right wing struck a roadside sign 18” from the wingtip. The contact with the sign caused the aircraft to turn and come to a stop with the nose resting on a guardrail. The prop had repairable damage. The nose gear doors and right wing tip were damaged and were repaired by Hov-Aire in Three Rivers MI. Hov-Aire is the premier repair facility for PA-46 Aircraft since 1984. The engine was sent to G&N Aircraft for teardown inspection and was top overhauled in addition to having the case split and re-assembled with new bearings. All steel parts were magnafluxed in accordance with the Lycoming Service Bulletin. The engine received new pistons, rings, valve guides, exhaust valves, Tappet bodies, crankshaft bearings, a re-ground camshaft, cam bearings, all rod bolts, piston pins, new mag’s, counterweights, etc. The engine was then run through their dynomometer. A new Prop was ordered for the plane. Complete photos of the incident as well as electronic Logbooks are available upon request.


Dune Leather option in Excellent, like new condition. USB Charging ports, Executive writing desk, Dual Cabinets.


Factory Silver Pearl upper with Ferrari Red Lower with Black Red Pearl accents in 2015 design scheme. Paint and glass are in excellent condition. Boots excellent, Right wing boot is new.


This is a low time '15 with G-1000 and limited damage history. It has strong cosmetic condition and an extensive engine Top Overhaul that should provide years of reliable service.

Aircraft Photos